About Us

Shreya Financial Services is a boutique Personal Financial Advisory Firm engaged in providing a comprehensive financial planning and wealth advisory solution for an individual or a small business house. Founded in 1999 by Anup Shah. Shreya was started as an equity sub‐brokerage firm. Its modest upbringing based upon traditional values of servicing the customer needs, has led the firm to where it is now, offering the entire spectrum of personal financial roducts; a growth spearheaded on the personal references of its existing customers. Our company’s ethos summarized in a statement is, “In the new era of retailing of financial services products, the focus today, even more than in the past, is on creating customer satisfaction, increasing relationships with customers and retaining customers to create brand loyalty”

Our teams of highly energized and trained financial professionals are committed to working in the best interests of whom they serve, constantly strive to provide our customers the best available products in the market and assists and advices individuals and group of individuals to identify, define and achieve their financial goals in time bound manner. We believe in the power of Personal Financial Planning and the process of tailored investment solutions. Because it’s personal, we help clients achieve their goals in a complex financial environment focused solely on our client’s objectives. We have years of planning and investment experience and along with a commitment to service which is borne by our client’s testimonials and their continued patronage.

Our team of CFP/IRDA members has the expertise and experience to help you navigate through even the most unique financial opportunities and challenges. Our Services offered through our proprietary and
shared business services arms include:

  • Capital & Equity Growth helping you manage your capital and growing your wealth through equity and commodity market solutions.
  • Retirement Planning and Cash Flow Guidance – helping you manage what comes in and what goes out with complete solutions from our Certified Financial Planners ensuring adequate and planned capital.
  • Insurance Planning – Protecting your financial and various other Assets against unforeseen risks and perils.
  • Investment Planning ‐ Ensuring your investments are rightly allocated to meet your medium to long term financial objectives through Mutual Funds.
  • Portfolio Management Solutions – Optimizing your investments to ensure maximum growth of your overall portfolio bettering prevalent market conditions.
  • Housing Loans & SME Finance – Ensuring best leverage possible on your financials at the lowest interest rates available in the market, helping you service your cash flows better.

Since Shreya’s founding in 1999, we have been committed to helping our clients make informed and objective decisions that significantly improve their lives. We look forward to helping YOU to achieve your unique goals.

Mission & Vision

Arthniti Vision & Mission :

“At Arthniti, our VISION is to be the most REFERRED financial services brand. Our business philosophy and values SUPPORTS the vision by OFFERING our clients, instant and accurate information, PROVIDING them with sound financial advice on products coupled with execution, SERVICING them with excellent customer care and compliances management, ENSURING their financial welfare and peace of mind is taken care of; all this while maintaining the highest standards of ETHICAL BEHAVIOUR which is reflective of a culture that supports our team members”